Bring A Contemporary Lodge Look Into Your Home

Oct 29 2019

Autumn is here! That cool breeze is the signal for you to make a change in your home décor and to bring a new look to welcome the new season. Thinking about the images of autumn, a wooden lodge surrounding by the gold and red foliage would be one of the very first thoughts that comes into one’s mind. Building a wooden lodge may be challenge, but bringing the lodge look inside, on the other hand, is not difficult at all! Below are a few tips from Eagle Creek Village on how to achieve a contemporary lodge look in your own home.

Colors and Themes

In order to create the lodge atmosphere in your home, you need to understand what the key elements are that reflect the cozy style. The first element is colours and themes.

A palette of colours derived from nature is what to look for in a lodge look. Earth-toned browns, rustic reds, hunter greens, and burnished golds are typical traditional decorative colours. However, we like a more neutral palette of browns, taupes, greys, and blacks for a modern twist on the lodge look. Don’t worry if your house is dominated by white walls as lodge colours actually pop out even more on light colour backgrounds.

The next element is lodge design is the theme. Wildlife themes, such as salmon, bear, deer, elk, or moose fit perfectly with the lodge look. But if you are not a fan of animal-related décor, then you could consider the evergreens, acorn, pinecones, or wildflowers as alternative designs. Also look for bold buffalo plaid, check, or Canadiana motifs.

The key factor in creating a contemporary take on the lodge look is not to overdo it; keep the cabin theme elements to a few key pieces and combine with modern pieces, styles, and finishes.

Furniture and Accents

Now you have the general idea of the key elements of the lodge looks, you can move onto the details. Look for furniture and accents to transform your house into a cozy retreat.

If you want to wow visitors to your home, incorporate lodge-inspired leather, faux leather, wood, and black iron furniture in your home including sofas and ottomans for your living room, wooden table and chairs for your dining room and kitchen, to a king-sized four-poster bed for your bedroom. These rustic inspired pieces will surely bring you one step closer to the great outdoors!

A sure-fire way to bring rustic charm into your home is to install an electric fireplace or firebox that feature various colour fire themes. Look for options that feature a wood mantle and stone accents to bring even more of a cabin feel into your home. The great thing about an electric fireplace is that you and your family enjoy the smoke-free ambiance of realistic-flames with or without heat.


Now that you have occupied your space with furniture and accents, it’s time to move on to the accessories. The right choice of accessories can enhance the overall appearance of your house a lot. You can bring a rustic look to your home by visiting A Step Above. The store offers a huge collection of cabin inspired rugs and window treatments. A Step Above also has a great collection of soft cable knit and faux fur throws and toss pillows that can bring a brand lodge look to your current furniture. If are more of the DIY decorator, try making your own decor. Visit a heat-press printing service that can transfer an image or decorative illustration (like a moose head) onto fabrics like pillows; it’s an inexpensive way to create a one-of-a-kind look for your home!

Decorative items like a sculptured wooden or metal lamps, wall sconces, or chandeliers go extremely well with the lodge style. They can be found at both A Step Above.

For wall decoration, you can utilize old photos of outdoor activities like skiing or hiking and frame them in rustic frames from Dollar Tree. Another fun and inexpensive DIY wall décor idea is to collect your wine bottle corks (from Cascadia Liquor) and assemble into a piece of unique antler wall art.

Candles with woodsy scent can bring a soft and relaxing glow to your home and can be founded at Dollar Tree and Forbes Pharmacy. Pick up pine cones and display them in a rustic glass mason jars or in metal tins from Dollar Tree. Look for woven baskets or wood trays from A Step Above and fill with logs or even decorating magazine from Quality Foods.


Of course, if you want to bring a real touch of nature into your home, then Quality Foods is the right option for you. The store offer various kinds of indoor plants and flowers. Cut evergreen springs, pinecones, willow branches, and amaryllis are good choices as they fit well into the theme… and you can even repurpose them for Christmas too. White orchids are another option as they really pop when contrasted with the lodge colours and elements in your home.

More Inspiration


Looking for more ways to bring a contemporary lodge look into your home? Flip through design books like ‘Cabin Style: Cabins, Ranch Houses & Lodges’ by Chase Reynolds Ewald and Audrey Hall or ‘Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave’ by Joanna Gaines.

In the end, as long as you keep in mind the key elements of the lodge look, you will find it easy to bring that cozy atmosphere into your house. Remember that the look of your house is a reflection of you. So it’s time to show it off! Have fun creating an awesome lodge look for your house!