Construction Status Update for November / December 2015

Jan 4 2016

Phase 1 of the Eagle Creek Village development is nearing completion! Despite battling the harsh winter elements, the Eagle Creek Village team has entered the final stages of construction. Certain tenants are preparing to open for business starting February 5, 2016 and the formal opening of Eagle Creek Village is in sight.

Earthwork contractors have completed the installation of underground services both on and off site. Fortis gas has completed their installation around the site and we are preparing for gas meter installation starting with buildings 6, 7, and 8. Offsite curb and sidewalks continue to get poured, and preparation is underway to get the paving work completed on Helmcken Road and Watkiss Way. Parking lot grading, parkade waterproofing and sidewalk prep continues. Exterior steel stud wall framing/sheathing, electrical / mechanical rough in, glazing and envelope work continued on buildings 1, 2, 3/4, 5, and 7. Tenant improvement work is ongoing in buildings 6, 7 and 8.

Upcoming Milestones:


  • Complete installation of street/parking lights.
  • Complete curb and sidewalk pours on Watkiss and Helmcken.
  • Complete roundabout work at hospital entrance. Complete asphalt paving on Helmcken and Watkiss.
  • Continue landscape walls and rain garden prep. Complete parkade waterproofing for sidewalks and paving.
  • Continuing landscape prep and start installing offsite landscaping in medians.
  • Building 1: Complete mechanical and electrical rough in, cladding, glazing, boarding. 
  • Building 3/4: Complete roofing, windows, wood framing – have building water tight.
  • Building 5: YMCA tenant improvement is ongoing.
  • Building 6: Quality Foods and Forbes tenant improvements are ongoing.