Create a Chic and Functional Home Office

Aug 5 2019

What beats a short commute to work? No commute at all! Aside from time saved from congested highways and the ability to manage your schedule to fit your personal life, the greatest benefit of working at home is working in the space you are most comfortable and creative in. Whether you are planning on converting a small corner of your house or refurbishing the spare bedroom, turn any space into an ergonomic chic home office.

Below are some simple tips that can help you create a functional and effortlessly chic office space in the comforts of your home. Continue reading to gain inspiration for your home office and let your personality shine beyond a desk and chair!

Locate a Space

The most productive office balances the comforts of home with a professional and productive work environment. Remember that your office is a place where you may spend plenty of time!

If you’re starting from scratch, the best thing to do is survey your home and find available space for your office. A good first step is looking for any unutilized or underutilized areas in your house. Do some cleaning and clear out that unused attic or basement for a makeover! Otherwise, look for nooks and crannies in your house like hallways, extra space under your stairs, or even the corners of rooms. Oftentimes, you can find a little extra room in the living room or can clear out a closet (remove the doors for functional use) to create some space.

If you are using a room for your office that will be shared with regular living space, be sure to section off the spaces from each other. Try space dividers like a tall cabinet or a bookshelf.

Find the Right Furniture

As this is the main focal point of the room, you should select furniture that meets your needs and provides functional benefits.  Don’t overcrowd the room… Regardless of space, unused furniture only slows down productivity and can make your office appear like a storage room.

Look at your space and figure out who will be entering it. If this office is where you meet business clients, create a space with extra chairs, a sofa, side tables and a larger table for meetings. On the flip side, if you’re the only one using the space, just a desk and chair in a much smaller space might be the perfect fit!


Finding the right desk is key. Look for one with enough desk space to fit your computer, a desk lamp, and any other supplies you need to have close-at-hand. Corner or L-shaped desks are a good option. To make your room look larger and more open, opt for a glass desk or white, ash, or birch desk over a traditional dark wood desk.

You are going to be spending the majority of your time in your office chair.  Make sure you choose a chair that is functional, comfortable, and smart-looking. Look for an ergonomic chair that swivels and has adjustable height if needed. Acrylic, and leather are stylish chair material options.

If you have a window in your office space, try and position your desk close to it. If not, pick up a natural daylight desk lamp that mimics the sun to bring white light into the space at any time of the day!

Utilize Storage and Organization Solutions

The last thing you need when meeting deadlines is a cluttered office overflowing with items or being unable to quickly locate required materials when needed. Boost efficiency by using bins or stylish baskets, available at A Step Above or Dollar Tree, to organize specific items to help ensure that everything has a designated spot. Additionally, smaller items such as stationery, paperclips, and pens can be stored using attractive desktop holders (or in drawer organizers to free up space on your desk).

Need help organizing your work life? Think about adding a chalk or corkboard to your wall to plan and document projects. A letter or mood board can also help you visualize your concepts and ideas. Look for these or other organizational wall pieces at A Step Above or Dollar Tree.

Choose Your Tech Gear

A computer is an obvious essential for your home office. We like laptops over desktops as they take less room. Choose a sleek looking option that is lightweight and portable for when you are on-the-go.

Don’t forget about a printer. Look for versatile all-in-one printers that print, fax, copy, and scan. A compact wireless option is great as it will avoid the mess of wires and cables, connect directly with your devices, and is the perfect size for a small office.

Another home office essential is a Bluetooth speaker. Sync it with your devices to play all your favourite tunes and create an enjoyable atmosphere while you work. Find a selection of stylish designs at Quality Foods.

Cable management is a must in a small home office. Look for cable management systems from Dollar Tree to hide cords and power strips to create a clean and uncluttered look.

Create Ambience with Colour

Your home office space should give you inspiration and motivation to work. One of the best ways to ensure that is by choosing a light, bright, and modern colour palette that will have a positive effect on your energy and focus.

Try painting the room neutral shades of grey or taupe with accent walls in shades of your favourite colour – even pink - to create an on-trend look.

Another stylish option is to go completely monochromatic with all bright white walls, white furniture, and white accessories. This look pairs well with modern, clean-lined furniture and accents.

Be sure that your home office accessories compliment your chosen paint colour scheme and mix modern metals (such as brushed chrome or rose gold finishes) to add a contemporary touch to the room.

Spice Up Your Space

Make your home office more than just an area where you reply to emails and take phone calls by incorporating fun and trendy accessories.

Start by looking around Eagle Creek Village for decorating ideas. Pick up a graphic area rug or an art piece from A Step Above to create a focal element. You can also find a great selection of decorative accessories at A Step Above. Find budget-friendly desk accessories like file and desk organizers from Dollar Tree in colours to match your chosen palette. Furthermore, brighten up any space with fresh floral arrangements or small plants, which are always in season at Quality Foods.

Add a fun touch to your office with trendy jars from Dollar Tree filled with brain food from Quality Foods. Don’t forget a must-have coffee maker from Starbucks to keep you alert while you are working at home.

Finally, remember to have fun and create a home office that reflects your unique personality. This is your space, so be sure to play around with it and find what works for you! If you enjoyed this blog, then be sure to check out our take on Marie Kondo’s organization tips for way to organize your home office. Leave a comment below about your dream home office.