Great news for the people who work at or live near Victoria General Hospital

Nov 14 2013

Somewhere to shop, dine and have a coffee. Brilliant idea!

Talk about the right place at the right time. Just think. Over 3,000 people come to work at Victoria General Hospital every day and yet there is virtually no place for them to go beyond the hospital precinct.  Add to this the hundreds of people who visit the hospital daily, plus those who live in the surrounding community and you can quickly see how Eagle Creek Village will be very convenient to all.

Soon, hospital employees, hospital visitors and nearby residents will have somewhere to stop for a break, at lunch, and before or after work. If this means you — then you’ll be able to do everything from your weekly grocery shop at Quality Foods, to enjoying a coffee or lunch with co-workers, or simply walking over to stroll the trails within the new, on-site park being created. Within the next two years, there will also be a daycare here — a real bonus to parents who work at the hospital.

Above all, Eagle Creek Village will serve an entire growing community with new services.  Click here to see a current list of the retailers who are coming.

Somewhere to live that’s close to work.

Eagle Creek Village will have two outstanding options for living right on-site.  The first option to be built is a 60-unit residential rental complex. This is great news for View Royal and Victoria, given a tight rental market. It’s even better news for clinical and administrative staff of the hospital, especially those that may only be working at the hospital for training or residency periods. The rental complex will feature one and two bedroom suites with the variety and quality of amenities one would expect in a condo or townhome. This includes in-suite laundry, ample storage, underground parking and open floor plans.

Next up, 100+ condominium homes will be built at the highest elevation of the Eagle Creek Village site offering spectacular mountain views. The building design will be west coast in nature, using natural materials such as cedar and stone for the exterior. These homes will offer hospital employees and the community the ultimate option — which is to live where all the convenience is located.