Saint Patrick's Day Ideas for Your Home, Office, and Party

Mar 1 2019

Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated across Canada and other regions of the world to recognize St. Patrick as the symbol of freedom, forgiveness, and love. Parades, feasts, music, beer, and the colour green are just a few ways to celebrate and commemorate St. Patrick’s story as a hero of helping hundreds of people find peace and freedom during his time of enslavement in Ireland. This holiday is an opportunity for us as Canadians to celebrate our diverse backgrounds and cultures to commemorate our peace and freedom – that is, with a lot of beer, food, and wearing shades of green as part of the Irish culture!

St. Patrick's Day Ideas for Your Home, Office, and Party

Why is wearing green such a big deal on this holiday, anyway? Traditionally, it was believed that wearing green would make you invisible to leprechauns – whom were believed to pinch anyone they could see. Today, wearing green is often associated to bringing good luck (while some wear green to honor their Irish ancestors).

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St. Patrick's Day Ideas for Your Home, Office, and Party

Shine bright like a lucky shamrock with a dash of emerald eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, and nail polish. Find a variety of cosmetic brands at Forbes Pharmacy and Quality Foods. Visit Dollar Tree for more decorative items for your home and office and get really festive for the occasion!

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St. Patrick's Day Ideas for Your Home, Office, and Party

Most of all, Saint Patrick’s Day would just not be complete without an overwhelming amount of Irish beer and whiskey, and food. Visit Cascadia Liquor and find yourself a fine bottle of Irish whiskey, beer, or other festive drink of your choice. Pick up a fresh and piping hot pizza from Villages Pizza and other warm food selections from Quality Foods’ upstairs café to go with it. Or, gather up some ingredients from Cobs Bread and Quality Foods and create your own Irish fare at home, like this Whiskey Bacon Cheddar Cheese Ball.

Happy celebrating and good luck!