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Feb 13
A clean and comfortable home is the best home, but home organization and cleaning can be a challenge on its own. With the spring-cleaning season coming up, it is helpful to have a vision, plan, and preparations in place for... Read more »

Jan 22
Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Can you feel the love in the air yet? Valentine’s Day is a special day, but planning and deciding on the perfect gift(s) can be troublesome and overwhelming if you’re unsure of... Read more »

Jan 14
Lunar New Year, better known as Chinese New Year, is right around the corner – a series of days where families and friends get together to celebrate, eat, pay their respects, pray for protection, health, love, and good... Read more »

Nov 21
Looking for healthy gift ideas for your loved ones this holiday season? Look no further… Eagle Creek Village has you covered! There are dozens of stores and services at the Village that offer products that cater to a healthy... Read more »

Aug 15
Everybody lives busy lives these days… Whether you are a stay at home mom shuttling your children to and from school and all their activities, a university student juggling classes and a part-time job, or a busy career... Read more »

Jul 24
Come to the free Art Fest at Eagle Creek Village (located at Helmcken Road and Watkiss Way in View Royal) from 11am to 3pm on Sunday, September 16. Fun for the whole family! Vote for your favourite local art for a chance to... Read more »


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