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Spring Into the Outdoors

April 13, 2022

Spring is the season of colours! With the days getting longer and flowers already in bloom, it’s the perfect time to ease back into fitness, especially by exercising outdoors or enjoying what nature has to offer. Whether you prefer to work out indoors or outdoors, it is a good idea to balance both and keep in mind your main physical and health goals. If you are looking for an indoor fitness experience, be sure to visit the trainers at Eagle Creek Athletic Club. From state-of-the-art equipment to a variety of fitness classes, it has everything you need to help you get started on your new fitness routine. If you prefer outdoor adventures, we definitely recommend visiting the Galloping Goose regional cycling trail for a picturesque ride or walk with the whole family.

A great way to spring into the outdoors is to bring your four-legged friend for a brisk walk or jog around the neighbourhood. The benefits of adopting a brisk walk routine include lower blood pressure and a stronger heart. In dogs, regular walks can also help them live a healthier, longer, and happy life. The best reward of all is the companionship that your fur baby can offer as a walking buddy. To prep your pup for spring outings this season, be sure to visit Bosley’s by Pet Valu at Eagle Creek for all your pet’s needs.

Another great way to stay active during the spring is by going on day trips with the family. There are so many parks and trails to visit nearby, such as Helmcken Centennial Park, Thetis Lake Park, Portage Park, and so many more that are worth exploring! If you are planning for outdoor adventures this season, be sure to gear up with all the essentials you will need by visiting Quality Foods at Eagle Creek Village. Don’t forget to add some sweet treats from Cobs Bread, and your favourite beverages from Starbucks or Tim Hortons.

The most important thing is to enjoy quality time with your family and embrace the beauty that this season has to offer.

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